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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Le Tin Goat et Morte!

It took me a while to get around to digging out the Project "The Tin Goat" and re-examining it.

A good blogger would insert a picture here of the box of parts that would one day form "The Tin Goat", but no such luck. Just imagine a small carton with a pair of black plastic EMD F7 shells that have front porches taken from black plastic GP7's. The roofs have had details removed and a couple of GP7 fans added with space for Winterization Hatches.
I was getting psyched up t get back at this project when I realized that it just isn't something I want.

There's the big empty space for the Dynamic Brake Fan that has to be relocated and the other fans would have to be moved further forward.

What-ever else is wrong with this project, it's just the wrong era.

The only thing that could save it would be a total rebuild to bring it up to date.

My interest has shifted to to Ultra-Modern Hybrids and Multi-Gen-Sets: In Narrow Gauge.

I'll give a nod to the EMD E-Unit as being a "Multi-Gen-Set" but it's not what I want. Even though this project was leaning in the direction of a double-cabbed and articulated E-Unit with porches.

The idea of having an articulated cab-unit is just too far from reality and just plain silly. I just can't save it. It defies logic.

Hypothetically, I could make a pair of short F-Units with porches and maybe even "Draper Tapers". Pretend that they've been remotored with pairs of CAT or Cummins Diesels to modernize them.

But, no...

The other half of this project is to go Narrow Gauge. 16.5mm down to 12mm gauge for HOm / HOn3.5 / HOn42. It's just not working for me...

The Tin Goat is Dead!

Friday, May 06, 2011

Sixth Annual Ontario Narrow Gauge Show

Hello Narrow Gauge Fans,
The Sixth Annual Ontario Narrow Gauge Show has come and gone.
As a member of the Narrow Gauge Madness Gang, I am one of the organizers for the show. The show remains successful but attendance is down for a second year in a row.

Blame it on the lousy weather that we had on the day of the show - two years running - as well as the price of gas.

This is an exclusively Narrow Gauge Rail focused show. You won't find any Thomas the Tank Engine or Underground Ernie here unless they have been kit-bashed into Gn15 critters or On30 Locos.

The location of the show is in Schomberg, Ontario, Canada which is a quaint and modelgenic little town just a short drive north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

We had a little excitement midday when the smoke from the BBQ situated just outside the front door set of the fire alarm.

We persevered.

After a little navel gazing, we've decided to start planning the Seventh Annual Ontario Narrow Gauge Show! This time we are hitting it harder than ever.